68.900 kr
Color: BLACK


Size 240 x 95 x 3,5 x 74 cm

The PILLABOUT Dining Table 2, 3 and 4 seats guests for gathering purposes, be it a respectively smaller or larger crowd.

Crafted in Sweden from solid, European oakwood, our PILLABOUT Table celebrates skillful craftsmanship. With its inviting round edges and warm undertones, it is a true accent piece. 

Characterized by its distinctive and contemporary design, the curated selection consists of both office and dining tables, ranging in size and shade of oil coating. Dimensions vary from 200-440 cm long - customizable lengths are also attainable. 

Essentially the largest article in our entire collection, the PILLABOUT Table invites other objects from the varying series to stand jointly. Every table is made-to-order; our customer service will contact you regarding shipping and delivery once the order has been placed.


Please note that the Pillabout tables are made to order.

Delivery time approximately 10 - 12 weeks.