THE ROE EATERY KIT - Fresh handmade pasta with Jerusalem Artichoke Puree (Vegetarian)

Louise Roe DK

400,00 kr

1 kit = 2 personer

Afhentning mellem 16 og 18.
Levering mellem 16 og 19.

Jerusalem artichokes get their name from the city of Jerusalem. But why exactly, is a bit of a mystery. Because it has no connection with that city at all. The most likely theory, is that it is a bastardization of the word “girasole articiocco”. This is Italian and means “sunflower artichoke”. Which makes sense, because sunflowers and Jerusalem artichokes are related. 

While the plant isn’t actually related to the artichoke, it does kind of taste like it. It tastes quite sweet with an earthy, nutty kind of undertone. The puree is usually made as a side dish for white meats and fish, but together with pasta, it is even better.

Dessert: Chocolate mousse & caramelized lavender almonds.


What does your Roe Eatery Kit contain?

  • Fresh handmade pasta
  • Jerusalem artichoke puree
  • Pine nut & ryebread crumble
  • Nabofarm Herbs
  • Parmesan cheese
  • Garlic clove
  • Focaccia
  • Chocolate mousse & caramelized lavender almonds

Everything should be kept in the fridge until preparation.

OBS: Levering foregår kun i København, Gentofte og Hellerup.