LOUISE ROE ApS complies with the applicable law on personal data in Europe (General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR). Your privacy and security is important to us, why your personal data is treated confidentially.  
Data we collect and keep 
We collect and keep the following personal data in our webshop database, Shopify, and in our invoicing system, Microsoft C5: Name, phone number, email, address and information about your purchase(s). This data is provided by the customer itself. 
The information is used to ensure that we can ship your purchase as well as contact you with an order confirmation and tracking number. To handle your order successfully we pass on your information to our external warehouse and shipping partners, who are committed to keep your data safe as well. When paying for your order, your payment is handled safely by our payment solution partner Epay/Bambora. 
We keep your data in our system to have history of purchases and to stay up to date with the buying behaviour of our customers. It means for example that we are able to find an old receipt if a customer needs one. 
As a webshop customer you can within the checkout flow tick off whether you want to receive our newsletter and you can also sign-up for our newsletter at our website. In these cases, we keep your email address and store it safely with our email platform partner Mailchimp, so we can share our news and activities with you. In each newsletter, you are provided with the option to unsubscribe if desired.  
Your data is secure with us. We update passwords regularly and we ensure that only a limited people within Louise Roe ApS has access to the personal data. We keep your data for 5 years according to the applicable accounting obligations.  
It is your right to get information about which personal data we have on you and to get these changed or deleted. You can write us at any time at to get this information or if you have any questions to our privacy policy.