Balloon 04 Ceramic AFFOGATO

Only 100 made!

Ø10-24 / H32 cm

The AFFOGATO Balloon Vase no.04.

A marriage between two essential and delicious things, coffee and gelato. This sculptural vase represents a rich and intense  warmth in its color glaze. Each vase oozes with its own unique glazed drips down the side, like a melting gelato.

Therefore, each vase is a one of a kind, that no one else has. Having its own individual flare, this rare and exclusive design will make a personalized statement in your home.

Each vase has its own unique glaze. Should you wish to see which AFFOGATO vase you will receive, please send us an email at and we will send you images prior to shipment. If not, you will be in for a surprise treat!

Each vase also states its production number out of the 100 available. 


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