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The Jewel Rug AW16 - Press Release

The Jewel Rug AW16 - Press Release

LOUISE ROE designs the perfect rug for any decor 

Carpets brings warmth and personality to your home with colors and patterns. LOUISE ROE has designed Jewel carpet - a hand-knotted wool rug with origami effect.

LOUISE ROE continues to work in beautiful authentic materials and this season is no exception. Jewel rug is hand-knotted in New Zealand wool, which gives the carpet a vivid look and softer feel.

The pattern is inspired by the ancient Japanese art origami, in which a single piece of paper is folded into geometric shapes. The black pattern represents the fold lines from our iconic Jewel vase - hence the name Jewel rug.

The rug is hand-knotted in India near the holy city Varanasi. Traditions and craftsmanship plays a big part of everyday life here and rug production is the area's pride.
It requires the best wool quality to weave only with wool and it requires strength to the setup of the loom. Therefore, the men knit the carpets while the women are carding and spinning yarns. Finally, the carpets are washed with soap and water before they finished with sewing edges and hand shearing the pile.
The carpets have 60.000 knots pr. m2, which gives a very full bodied and beautiful carpet.

My work with textiles has given me a long felt desire to design a rug, where you can work with patterns on large surfaces. Origami is a fascinating art, which I have been in love with for a long time and especially the idea of ​​how repetition of simple lines, can produce a beautiful pattern.
Rugs are becoming more and more fashionable and a unique hand-knotted rug particularly defines a space and create a room in the room – it’s exciting to design an element that can be defining for the decor and create life on large surfaces. I am very happy with the fact that each Jewel rug is hand-knotted and unique; it tells a story of true craftsmanship and quality.


Wool contains lanolin and is stain resistant but remove stains immediately and rinse with club soda if necessary.
Remove excess wool with vacuum cleaner.
Turn your carpet every six months so it is worn smoothly.
Remember an underlay for your rug.