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Introducing Mirroe - decorative mirrors 

With our new mirror series Mirroe, we are introducing a new material and product category to the LOUISE ROE collection.

We wanted to explore mirror as a material in the creation of characteristic art pieces that offer an alternative to traditional art and wall decorations. The functional value of mirror is hereby less important than its aesthetic values of reflections and depth.We have played with different structures, layers, patterns and colors to create unique and playful expressions in each piece. We invite you to twist reality with a decorative mirror - ‘Dare to deco’

The Mirroe series comes in three different styles: Drip, Strip and Flip. The palette of colors includes silver, amber, black and blue. Some styles come in a two-color combination. Each style is available in two sizes: 42 x 72 and 63 x 160 cm. (variations can occur). 

Prices from EUR 336-805, DKK 2499-5999, SEK 3129-7499, NOK 3129-7499.




When your crystal deserves a proper display

With the new Frame Cabinet, LOUISE ROE is introducing the biggest furniture item of the entire collection. For some time we have been longing for a display for our crystal glasses, ceramics and other design objects. Louise has designed the cabinet in iron and glass to achieve a fine industrial expression, and to give your favorite crystal (or other objects) the display they deserve. The Frame Cabinet is a long lasting classic. 

The cabinet is handmade in Denmark of high-quality craftsmanship and with carefully selected materials and details. The frame and pattern of fine lines are composed of black powder coated iron with tempered glass in between. A composition that creates a gentle and feminine expression, which has been important for us. 

The cabinet comes in two sizes and serves different purposes, from a classic display cabinet in the livingroom to a cabinet for bathroom items or your favorite books and writing tools.  

Sizes: 45 x 141 x 30 & 126 x 195 x 40 cm. 

Prices from EUR 2402-4685, DKK 17900-34900, SEK 22375-43625, NOK 22.375-43.625




Rugs with a new weave technique 

The new Loop Rugs by LOUISE ROE are handwoven using a new braiding technique that gives a vivid expression. With this technique, we have been able to work with layers and play with different color combinations to create a unique pattern that resembles small loops. Each rug is in a three-color combination with an end border that naturally frames the rug.

The rugs are made of 100% wool and come in four sizes with five different color combinations. 

 Sizes: 80 x 160, 140 x 200, 170 x 240, 200 x 300 cm.

Prices from EUR 242-1208, DKK 1799-8999, SEK 2249-11249, NOK 2249-11249




Essential additions..

We have added a new size to the iconic Jewel Vase series. A large sized vase named Giant, perfect for big bouquets and decorations. We are also adding a new color, a powerful green that will give your flowers a fresh and natural feel. 

The small Jewel Notebook now has a big sister, Strip Print, with room for even more and even greater ideas. Also in a graphical print and in matching colors.

Finally, in extension of our metal tea light holders, we have created a two-piece version, named Cocoon, in brass and chrome, which, with a new playful pattern, creates a sparkling light. 





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