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Extend your classics
It is not a cliché – it is a fact that classic designs remain timeless throughout the years. LOUISE ROE is celebrating the classic designs by interpreting the patterns of the classics and retelling the story in glass, metal, wood and textiles.
The essence of a LOUISE ROE collection is always to honor genuine materials combined with the ever present simplicity and architectural lines. The inspiration for this collection stems from a sincere and heartfelt desire to revive the classics while, as always, maintaining a sharp focus on high quality.

In the mix of a thoughtful design, of carefully chosen materials combined with selected color tones, you will experience the heart of LOUISE ROE and her deep passion for re ning glass, wood, stone, metal and textiles – by using mouth blown glass production, genuine moulded metals, the historic craftsmanship of true crystal glass, FSC certi ed hardwood and high quality textiles in Jacquard or handwoven in her designs...

Extend the classic feeling to your kitchen with the magni cent diamond cutting boards and the organic jacquard woven tea towels in your favorite color... or use the new long, narrow oak wood tray for your window shill or as a centre piece for your dining table. The tray invites you to use it for pretty decorations or as a practical organizer at the same time.

Let the new handwoven wool rugs emphasize the grandeur of herringbone patterned oors or indulge your sofa with the diamond quilted cushions collection in velour or Remix from Danish Kvadrat.

Hilda and Holger tea lights have got three new family members – Hermann, Herbert and Heddy. They are much taller and have handles which give you the possibility to move them around to provide re ecting and cosy lightning wherever you wish – it could even be outside when warm weather allows you to spend evenings there...

The iconic City Lights are also available in the stunning color of amethyst. Blend the new City Lights with the clear, blue and smoke city lights to create your favorite personal look.

The already beloved and edgy Jewel Vase is fast becoming everyone’s favorite and therefore we have also extended the range with the elegant amethyst color. For your inspiration, please feel welcome to enjoy our latest catalogue.

Sincerely, LOUISE ROE