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Louise Roe Copenhagen SS15 Press Release

Louise Roe Copenhagen SS15 Press Release

We go classic
The SS15 collection is all about reviving the timeless classics.
When the first rays of sunlight show upon a dark winter, spring and summer are coming and bring brightness and life into every day. The bright blue color dominates the sky and revives the timeless moods such as a sunny morning after a sweet dream or the eager to go green and bring the urban garden indoors.

Three colors, the feminine light rose, the vivid green and the amazing blue color dominate the collection together with the ever present and essential black, white and grey tones. The metal colors continue to give the exclusive touch to the entire collection especially in the genuine copper and brass trays.

Our DNA is continuously to add an architectural touch by using the graphic lines of the urban cities around us as a frame for inspiration.

In the SS15 collection you will see this in our new frame baskets, which are inspired by the great window section of the classic New Yorker apartment, adding a frame of transparency to your organizing.

The ambition is to rethink interior design as a concept of simplicity, and at the same time have a personality and a story to tell.As always the collection is designed and produced with a commitment to high quality, aesthetic and functionality.

We hope that you will let your home tell a story about who you are.

Louise Roe