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Louise Roe Copenhagen crystal serie AW15 - Press release

Louise Roe Copenhagen crystal serie AW15 - Press release

Let’s be crystal clear…
Crystal can only be called crystal if made from the original recipe. This spectacular formula must contain nothing less than 24% embedded lead.
You might think that it is an unusual ingredient, but that’s what makes crystal, real crystal.

Lead is a necessity in the production of crystal glass. When adding lead, the glass becomes receptive to the facet grinding and it gives the glass a great gravity when holding the glass in your hand.
Last, but not least, only real crystal will sparkle like a precious stone and make the characteristic ‘clinking’ sound.

Louise Roe has designed a classic crystal series of drinking glasses, bowls and a water bottle with 24% embedded lead, meeting EU regulations and FDA lead levels.

The series are designed with rounded shapes that will fit perfectly in your hand and you will feel the heaviness of real mouth blown crystal glass.
Every single piece is made by hand; therefore you will notice that every single piece has its own weight, and thickness.
- But of course, that’s the charm, of handmade craft.

The design is simple and classic. Let them last.
The real deal is always a good investment, so you can without worries start to collect. Who know? They might be the vintage models of calibre one day…