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Louise Roe Copenhagen AW16 Press Release

Louise Roe Copenhagen AW16 Press Release

This season we bring you more genuine materials and beautiful colors - all in an elegant way with notes from the Japanese design culture. We are very proud to launch our new ceramic stoneware series ‘PISU’ - The hand-knotted ‘Jewel Rug’ – The ‘Stella’ jewelry inspired spoons – and the textile pictures ‘Feeling Flowers’ as well as additions to our existing collection.

The Japanese word PISU relates to "piece" – the handcrafted stoneware series PISU consists of 8 pieces in three different colors – slate black, jade green and jasmine white. The inspiration for PISU stems from the expression of the Japanese culture where simplicity and pure lines are of the essence. The rough and matte exterior provides the sense of softness while the shiny and smooth inner surface gives a wonderful play of color and contrast. Use PISU gastronomic or use them as storage for your personal belongings. The idea behind the PISU series is to compose a personalized expression through choosing whether the top shall be used as a lid, as a tray on its own or underneath the original bottom part. The diameters of the two parts are slightly different and therefore gives the opportunity to change it all around as you wish. PISU is produced in cooperation with the Danish Ceramics Factory located on the small Danish island of Bornholm. Each piece of stoneware is shaped and colored by hand, which lends to the total experience of genuine craftsmanship.

This fall we also introduce the hand-knotted Jewel rug made of 100% wool. The pattern of the rug is inspired by our beloved Jewel vase and the art of Japanese origami. The two contrast colors chosen for this elegant pattern is black and white, which illustrates the paper folding method of origami. The Jewelry spoon series is named Stella, which means star. The star is revealed in the shape of both the spoon head and grip, and to ful ll the expression of a star, the color is golden. You can think of them as the jewelry for your kitchen as they are made of genuine brass.

Feeling Flowers is a series of textile printed pictures, framed with solid black oak to complete the essence of the black and white owers. The print is directly to be felt so the coziness will continue on the walls. As additions to our existing collection, we continue to play with colors and surfaces. New colors are added to our classic enamel brass bowls, we now also offer them in colors like dramatic bordeaux, deep green, cool grey and porcelain blue. One of the stunning colors this fall is the dark green. Green is the color for growth and nature – says to be healthy for both eyes and soul. The whole glass collection will now be available in this essential color.

– and to complete the crystal theme, a genuine crystal vase has been created to enrich the vintage style of the collection.

Hope you nd the preciousness in my collection. Sincerely,