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Feeling Flowers - AW16

Feeling Flowers - AW16

LOUISE ROE interprets the classic flower paintings 

LOUISE ROE has fallen in love with the ever present flower motives. This season she has interpreted the classics and created a series of elegant floral print for your wall. The series is called FEELING FLOWER and is a simple and poetic narrative where beautiful flowers are neatly expressed in powerful motives. The pictures are printed on rough canvas and inserted in wooden frames 

Invite the nature indoors and update your walls with these powerful interpretations of the old classic floral paintings.

The images are available in 3 sizes and 3 designs. Hang the pictures individually or as a series.

"I love flowers and especially in my home. It can be a bouquet or a few stems, which my kids have picked in the garden. My FEELING FLOWERS pictures are an interplay between opposites. It is a mix feminine and masculine tones, black and white and the raw and delicate. Use pictures to create games, perspective and personality on your wall. I do." - Louise Roe


  • Use pictures as silencer in rooms with bad acoustic
  • Hang pictures together which complement each other in lines, colors or theme.
  • Pictures hang most beautiful on the wall when upper or lower frames are aligned.
  • Clean with a duster or a dry cloth