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Borg rugs, diamond cushions & the jewel vase - Press release ss16

Borg rugs, diamond cushions & the jewel vase - Press release ss16

Sharp patterns, elegant edges and soft textiles are united in the newest designs from LOUISE ROE.

This fall has inspired Louise Roe in 3 new designs with roots in the grandness of historic castles which house magnificent stories and inspiration.
Taking a stroll in the banqueting hall, where ancient kings and queens once lived, Louise Roe was deeply inspired to bring the grandness into her universe of design.

The Jewel Vase is inspired by precious stones and comes in 4 colours and 2 sizes.
The vase is made of mouth blown glass and each jewel vase has therefore an individual touch. The Jewel Vase is essential for your favourite flowers and has already become an icon in our collection.

The Borg rugs and Diamond cushion both have patterns inspired by the classic herringbone floors from the prominent castles in Denmark.
The rug is hand woven in 100% wool and the characteristic pattern is a top weave with a yarn combined of linen and wool that will stand wear and tear.

The Diamond cushions, with their beautiful colours and soft fabric, invite a smooth feeling and an exclusive look into your home.

The Diamond cushions are available in cotton velour and a remix from Kvadrat textiles. Both models come in many great colours and no compromise has been made on the quality.
Each and every piece is hand-quilted and the design will remain timeless.